ZOLED is an OLED lamp made from polycarbonate, plastic sheet and a 3D printed PLA part. The panel is fixed to the sheet by means of adhesive and machine screws. The polycarbonate is 60 percent light-diffusive so it has a really pleasing glow. 
The product goal was to design a lamp that was compact, accents the OLED's flat nature, and looks modern.
This project was sponsored by OLED Works in Rochester, NY. My studio class worked with an electrical engineer from the company. He supplied the OLED panels and taught us how to wire them as well as precautions.
Lastly, this project was a small assembly run where six lamps were produced and sold.

Heat bending polycarbonate around a mold.

Solidworks Model

Product Logo

Putting together small assembly with packaging.

Selling the Lamps.

Poster used in presentation.

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